• Small storage side tables

    Small storage side tables

    Hometime factory keep developing new household items based on the markets requests. Our Hometime factory not only specializes in sustainable clothes hangers,plastic hangers,metal hanger,wire hangers,wooden hangers, but also developing our business range to kitchen utensils and other small hous...
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  • New wall storage

    New wall storage

    Have you considered how important is it to manage time effectively? No matter at work or in our daily life,effective time management is necessary and very important. Based on this feature,our Hometime factory has continued developing the Home storage products.   Time is the most precious as...
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  • Wall Storage Shelves

    Wall Storage Shelves

    More and more people pay attention to Home storage. Storage not only can make our home more tidy,but also better for our time management which can improve the life happiness.   In our daily life,there are many potentially available spaces in the indoor space, it should not be limited to ground s...
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  • Recycled Clothes Hangers

    Recycled Clothes Hangers

    Hometime factory always knows that marketing research is an essential first step in all product development.   Based on the marketing research ,we found that biodegradable household items are very popular than pure plastic items. People pay more attention to the environment. Based on the concept...
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  • Sustainable clothes hangers

    Sustainable clothes hangers

    Recently more and more people pay attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable products.   In order to meet the environment and market demands, our Hometime factory has developed a Eco friendly hanger which made of wheat straw fiber with pp together.   The main raw materials are natura...
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  • Improve factory’s work efficiency by training

    Improve factory’s work efficiency by training

    Lipu Hometime Household Products Co.,Ltd has invited a professional lecturer to open a training session of 5S for all the management staffs in the lobby on the second floor in our factory. From the training class,the lecturer let us know what is 5S ,and he has organized a series of activities,let...
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  • Hometime factory development path

    Hometime factory development path

    The founder of Lipu Hometime Household Products CO., Ltd. involved in the hanger industry since 1992. And the founder cooperated with his partners to build factory in 1996. With 12 years experience dedicated to the hanger industry, we have our own factory in 2004 and focus on manufacturing custom...
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  • Hometime factory design team attended the Ordering Fair at the Capital of Hanger

    Hometime factory design team attended the Ordering Fair at the Capital of Hanger

    From December 19th to 21st, 2020, the 4th Lipu City Hanger Exhibition and Ordering Fair was held in Building No. 1 of “The Hanger City Plaza”. A total of 110 hanger companies signed contracts with customers from all over the world, with a total amount of about 1 billion. RMB, this exh...
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