• 28 home storage solutions that are more than just huge plastic buckets

    We hope you like the products we recommend! All of these are independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you decide to buy from the links on this page, BuzzFeed may collect sales shares or other compensation from these links. Oh, for reference only-as of the time of publication, pr...
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  • Insurance claims assistance for service industry companies »Adjusters International

    When your service industry company suffers property damage, your main focus should be to get your business to operate yesterday. You don’t have time to go through the lengthy insurance claim process or the large amount of complex paperwork required. When your building is destroyed and suppl...
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  • “Boogaloo” extremists illegally buy 3D printed gun parts

    The FBI arrested Timothy Watson of West Virginia last month, accusing him of operating a website that illegally sells 3D printer gun parts under the guise of ordinary household items. According to the FBI, Watson’s website “” has always been the store of choice f...
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  • Snickers’ algorithm matches the discount to the Internet “hanger” level in real time

    For Hungerithm, a hungry internet means cheaper #SNICKERS. Get your coupon here: #EatASNICKERS When Snickers makes you hungry, you are not you being the core part of its message, that is, through TV commercials, angry celebrities portray ordinary...
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  • The Advantages of Plastic Hangers

    The Advantages of Plastic Hangers

    The Advantages of Plastic Hangers   As we all know that there are FIVE main kinds of hangers selling in the markets – Wood hangers, Metal hangers, Velvet hangers, Satin hangers and Plastic hanger.   Do you know different materials makes different functions. Hereby we would like to share the adv...
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  • The best hangers for your pants, jackets and tops | London Evening Standard

    Over the years, many surprising social media trends have emerged here, but our recent obsession with cleaning and tidying may be one of the most unexpected. We spent a few hours of precious time watching Mrs. Hinch open her shopping bag and clean her oven and account. For example, @thehomeedit tu...
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  • hangers for supermarket promotion

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  • How to produce the wood hangers

    How to produce the wood hangers

    When you got the qualify wooden hangers in your wardrobe, do you want to know how to make such a elegant and texture wood hanger?   When you understand the whole production process of the wood clothes hangers, you will understand its value,It’s worthy.   The production of wood coat hangers...
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  • The basic knowledge of wooden hangers

    The basic knowledge of wooden hangers

    Wooden clothes hangers are widely used in our daily life,some people might very familiar with the hangers,but some might not.   We will share some basic knowledge of wooden hangers for your better understanding and take care of the hangers during our daily life.   Do you know the classification o...
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